Sunday, June 10, 2012

Avantgardefestival Schiphorst

Psykisk Tortur will do a gig in Germany for the first time, at the Avantgardefestival Schiphorst. A very special place. A place where interactions and collaborations are not only welcome, but encouraged and made very much possible. A place where artists don't have backstage, vip treatment or special catering. All have to line up in the same lines as the audience to get breakfast, or have a drink or whatever. All have to socialise in the same areas as the audience. It makes for a wonderful place to meet people with the same attitude as yourselves (being in this group), and do something spontaneous, or networking for future contact.

It takes place in Schiphorst, in the north of Germany, at Jean-Hervé Perons farm, and only two weeks from now.  Planned sets, and ad-hoc collaborations. Anyone in relatively closeness to the area should consider going. You'll never regret it, and you will remember it. Forever. More at the festival site

Line Up:

Aerosol Light  Germany
Ampersand  UK
Avantgarde FM  Finland
Brandstifter  Germany
Catherine Barche  Germany
Cathy Heyden  France
Charlemagne Palestine  USA
Cinema Soloriens DYAD - Part 1  USA
Cinema Soloriens DYAD - Part 2  France/ UK/ Germany
Coppernicus Gym  Germany
Doubleganger  Italy
Emerge & Don Vomp  Germany
Erland Malmberg  France
Fahrenheit 2006°  France
faUSt  DMZ
Geoff Leigh  UK
Harald & Ale  Germany
Hax  Finland
Prof. Dr. Lutz Hieber  Germany
Ian Land  UK
 incite/ Kera & André  Germany
Julien Perrin  France
Kakawaka  Germany
Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer  Germany
Maria and the Mirrors  UK
Mitch Esparza  USA
Nathalie Forget  France
Neopostdadasurrealpunkshow  Germany
Nicolas Boone  France
Nurse With Wound  Ireland
Organic Milk Baby  Germany
::OT::  Germany
Psykisk Tortur  Norway
Rockin Yaset  France
Roland Graeter  Germany
Sascha Demand  Germany
Snare Drum Solo  Japan
Spelbo II  Germany
 feat. Taikotribe and Toys´r´Noise
Tellavision  Germany
The Ape  Germany
The Noise Flowers  Hungary
Thee VHS CvLT  Germany
Thomas Zunk  Germany
Tonia Reeh  Germany
Tumorchester  Germany
Umuligt Instrument  Denmark
UnicaZürn  UK
Vultures Quartet  UK
Wat Sun  France
Wckr Spgt  USA
  USA/ N