Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nødutgangfestival 2008

The three first bands are ready for Nødutgangfestival 2008, in my hometown of Bodø, Norway. French avant-rockers La STPO, Norwegain soundartist Linn Halvorsrød and local heroes PLX-15.

La STPO (France):

La Société Timides à la Parade des Oiseaux was born in may 1984 on the ashes of the band Sarajevo, which played an impossible compromise between Pere Ubu, Wire and such bands.
La STPO fights against anyone defining them. Dadaism, avant-prog, punk, RIO, jazz, zeuhl og no-wave will be some of the experts opinion about this society, but they will twist and turn it to fit into the surreal La STPO world. Evidently inspired by avant-prog bands like Henry Cow or krautrockers Faust. Vocalist Godjikian describes the muisc as "musique explositionniste". He explains smilingly this french expression: music that induces explosions in the head of its listeners.


Linn Halvorsrød:

The Radio vibrates someplace between 100 channels, Anton LaVey and Johnny Cash are having a game of Poker in the next room, intence, chanting, with a glimps of sunshine through the torn up curtains, subpop, collage, music concrete.


PLX-15 is one of the more important cult bands in Norway. participated on the very much talked about compilation ”Can a Butterfly Smash a Weel?” reviewed in the March edition of The Wire. They played some kind of punk-synthpop, by some named as pre-techno. They will have a reunion at Nødutgang 2008.


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