Sunday, February 21, 2010

Compact cassette rising

As CD sales are declining and prophecies about the format vanishing completely, other formats as vinyl is of course coming back to peoples minds and shelves. What is more surprising is that the compact cassette has not vanished, but in fact sales of blank tapes are rising, and some labels release more and more cassettes. Some new labels are solely specializing in releasing cassettes, and here in Norway Tape Rape Records, a sublabel to Ambolthue, and Kassettkultur has been delivering high quality releases of the magnetic tape in recent years. To celebrate one of the most released artist in Norway the last years, certainly on cassette also by the way, Tape Rape just released Lasse Marhaug "Camellia Sinensis", a four tape box including a 64 page illustrated book. Only limited to 100 copies, this beauty is bound to go fast. Marhaug himself owned the TWR tapes label and has been dedicated to still release his works on the said format.

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Jim Donnelly said...

I have read that 'they' have stopped manufacturing cassettes, so when the existing stockpile is gone they will become very rare indeed.