Saturday, March 20, 2010

More news from Ambolthue

Norwegian label Ambolthue announces the following releases:

CDr by O. Melby titled Marsipan.

From the website: "The second CDr is Dag Stiberg (Maranata, Now We Got Members, My Midnight Creeps), and it's titled Monolithic Time. Better dark-jazz is hard to find!

The last CDr is a singles collected release from
Fisk På Disc, and it's titled Fishfingers. This is one of the heavyest release on Ambolthue in my own opinion, and it's good to listen to one or two tracks a day. Strange as only the fishy duo can make it.

Then we have the MP3 release. It's from a new duo called Stegofon (John E. Sandli & Håkon Nordheim), and it's titled
Eldorado Paranormal Activity. Beautiful artwork and very good music. Download for free now!"

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