Friday, April 23, 2010

Improvising in Bergen

Next week Bergen (NO) will see two days with various musicians, improvising being the only common aspect of them all. First Bergen Kunsthall will be visited on Tuesday the 27th of April by Will Guthrie (AUS) (left) & Mikko Savela (S), who will present their avantgarde-rock-jazz plus the duo Sainct Laurens (CAN) who by their home-made electronics and acoustic instruments will create feedback and ancient spanking new music.

On Wednesday the 28th Norwegians in Lemur (below) will meet musicians from The N Ensemble (from the N Collective) at Galleri 3,14. Lemur is described as a norwegian all star quartet of composers and improvisers. Combining their work from classic composition, noise, chamber music, free jazz etc - the four instrumentalists of Lemur creates a highly surprising blend of contemporary sound and attitude. While The N Ensemble consists of classically trained chambermusicians, composers and improviser, focusing on merging electro-acoustic, chambermusic and improvisation. For this gig, Lemur and four musicians from The N Ensemble will explore the art of collaboration and create new acoustic music.

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