Sunday, April 25, 2010

News from the Origami network

The Origami Republika network has been an interactive network for musicians and have for the last twenty years shared music for free through the website. As it is shutting down, Origami Republika is looking for a new web solution. From the website:

" have hosted our online web archive for ten years,
as they close down now, we are looking into more interactive options

origami republika is indeed very active outside this web archive,
and we celebrate our twenty year anniversay with
several new releases, artworks and performances

so do not despair, find us here:
myspace: origamirepublika
twitter: origamiHQ
facebook group "origami republika"
e-mail: origamirepublika :at:
yours, coordinatore (aka boe)"

Still a lot of fun coming from the Origami Republika network though, and to make the wait for a new website shorter, the Trass MP3 releases are still online, co-released and and hostet by Norwegian label Ambolthue. The latest release being the Origami Binarika - Windung Zu Selbst Mit Traum (below).

Two new limited acetate releases also out now, the Origami Boe/Cock E.S.P. "Berlin Wedding" 7" and the Origami Boe/Origami Tacet "Split" 10" (Origamie Boe show from Dresden 2007 plus a drone track with him and Michael Duch including backyard recordings from where Bowie and Iggy lived in Berlin). Order from tchartan -att-

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