Sunday, May 02, 2010

New releases from Droning-on Records

Independent Oslo label Droning-on Records announces on the new website a couple of new cassette releases. Firstly the new tape from Layers Of The Onion called Binnorie which consists of layers of droning guitars mixing nicely in with old harps and other assorted acoustic, ambient sounds. It is a live recording taken at Sound Of MU , Oslo, Norway, on the 25th of February 2010. The tape also features lovely folky looking hand-stamped artwork. It's a limited numbered edition of only 30 copies, so you better hurry.

Also coming up is a tape from KOBI - (Title To Be Announced). This is also a live recording from Sound Of MU, Oslo, Norway. Recorded On the 21st of October 2007. No Date Set for this release yet, though.

Coming later in 2010 will be a CD by Layers of the Onion, plus a performance from The Burning Dog Orchestra


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